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Traveling to The Land Before Time Program.

Parents are often on the look-out for great new ideas to stimulate their kids. In today's technology-enriched world it can be hard to compete with gaming, phones, and computer-generated movie effects. There's good news, however. Parents don't have to compete after all: they can use technology and those latest movie effects to their advantage. They can provide a great birthday party activity with memorable characters and a long-lasting sense of "Wow!"

How does it work? With the "oldest" trick in the book: dinosaurs! In particular, a walking animatronic dinosaur mascot can visit your birthday party and make an impression that will last nearly as long as the fossil record.

Party Games

For kids entertainment, nothing beats the unusual world of paleontology. With dinosaur themed activities that hearken back to the ancient days of giant walking reptilians, kids get to enjoy their scientific interests on a larger scale than usual. Party games will get the kids excited as they interact with "paleontologists" and play games with a Jurassic theme to them. They'll get to run, jump, crawl, and dance as well as witness a volcano and do more things to burn their youthful energy and prepare them for the surprise guest.

The Big Birthday Guest

After having some fun with the kids playing dinosaur themed games the handlers will introduce their extra special guest: a walking dinosaur mascot! This really is a person fitted inside a dinosaur costume with added animatronic effects and some special training. However, the attention to detail in the dinosaur design and the skill with which handlers and the dinosaur interact with kids is memorable. This dinosaur:

  • Is 12 ft. long and 8 ft. tall
  • Moves its head up and down and side to side
  • Opens and closes the mouth
  • Makes sound effects
  • Blinks its eyes
  • Moves upper body back and forth
  • Can sway its tail
  • Has detailed naturalistic markings, face, and body structure
  • Offers realistic effects in a safe environment
  • The Dino-Handler

The dinosaur won't be alone, of course. It will have experienced handlers dressed in safari or paleontologist style uniforms. They will lead the games including face painting and an erupting volcano as they let the kids show off their own incredible dinosaur knowledge as well. These handlers will bring all the game equipment needed to entertain young dinosaur enthusiasts at their dinosaur party. Handlers are a must if you're going to host a walking dinosaur mascot for kids entertainment!


Dinosaurs have been a favorite for children for generations. Movies, television shows, and amusement parks have built on this. Why not parents? Why not add a new level of scientific endeavor for interested kids by moving beyond handheld dinosaur models to a walking, interacting animatronic dinosaur mascot? This is the ultimate in kids entertainment and the dinosaur birthday party will be the one that nobody forgets.

Photo Ops

After the games, after the initial surprise visit, and after some fun with a visiting dinosaur, parents and kids can have an opportunity for professional photos to commemorate the occasion. This will provide great photos to remember the event by. Post them on social media, send them to the grandparents, and stock your child's backpack. Once the kids return to school the next day, they'll need serious scientific proof that they encountered a "real" dinosaur in the wild.

The Dinosaur's Territory

Dinosaurs have become pretty rare, as any child can tell you. Most people never get to see one in "real" life. While they originally ranged over every continent on the planet, their time to rule the land and sea eventually came to an end. This is probably a good thing for the daily commute, to be honest.
While some animals that live today are the smaller descendants of dinosaurs, even those can be difficult to bring to a party without trained handlers. This is what we do: we provide a realistic dinosaur experience with trained entertainers. We're available throughout the Chicago area. In other words, our dinosaur has a pretty broad territory that covers these communities:

  • Chicago
  • The suburbs
  • North Indiana
  • Southern Wisconsin
  • Call us about your location

If you're wondering whether we can come to your party, we'd be glad to discuss the range our dinosaur has been known to roam. If you have any other questions, we'd happily address those as well. Dinosaurs just bring out the questions in everybody, so we're used to it. We enjoy everything dinosaur, ourselves!

Build Memories

Hosting a dinosaur party will wow the kids as well as build great memories for years to come. The young dinosaur expert in the family will have the experience of a lifetime. Even children who haven't caught the 'dinosaur bug' will find the experience pretty impressive. They will have great stories to tell at school and they'll even have scientific proof in the professional photos. Parents will have the chance to demonstrate that they can still surprise their kids. The neighborhood will come alive for a day.
One of the things we've come across in our dinosaur birthday parties is that there can be a child who reacts strongly to the realistic appearance of the dinosaurs. Parents who prepare ahead of time can help their child enjoy the great experience that awaits. Dinosaurs bring out the wonder and fun of an entire scientific world for kids to experience. Be prepared: a dinosaur party may open up whole new interests and studies for kids to explore.