Mad science cryo show

About event:

Crazy Science kids birthday parties in Chicago entertain children of 2 to 99 years ages with exciting, funny , interactive shows that come to you. You and your guests will see why Science Show is one of the most exciting birthday party themes!
WOW Science show with for children is a fantastic trip into the world of scientific discoveries! It is a great opportunity to learn so much new and test your own properties to apply this experience in real life. After all, experiments with dry ice, electricity, air, water etc. are so interesting and spectacular that they just shock their unpredictability! For example, if you want to freeze rubber or ... a rose? or banana?

All this and much more will be available for your party from the “WOW SHOW INC”. We will reveal all our frozen secrets to you! We will even create a real fog! And show wonders with a dry ice. The show with liquid nitrogen and dry ice for children of all ages is an opportunity to make any celebration not only bright, but uncommon and informative. Everyone who is present in this program is always actively involved. Kids themselves participate in all scientific experiments. That is why the participants of the show come to an incredible delight. ! All experiments are based on liquid nitrogen - a substance whose temperature is -321 degrees! And dry ice with temperature -109.3 degrees!