Children bubble show

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40 min

age 0-8

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Everyone likes bubbles, because that’s always fun! But not everyone can imagine how many amazing things we can do with them!
There are many different tricks with bubbles in our pocket for you and your party guests. We will show you our beautiful fire bubbles, magical smoky bubbles, square bubbles, our bubble rainbows, snakes, bubble donuts and much more unforgettable bubbles.
If you would like to try something special, unique we are always ready to surprise you! 

Our 40-45 minuets mixed entertainment includes performance and interactive part and good for any aged group and any kind of occasion : birthday party, first communion, day care or summer camp event etc. 

Who said that bubbles party is just outdoor activity ?! 

We’re always happy to perform for you, in any time and any place. No worries about some soap drops on your carpet - we bring our rubber based covers to protect your floor. 

* But please remember for full bubbles show we ask to minimize air flow, that’s very important for high quality of performance.


Anastasia Filippova